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Wayuu Fashion

Wayuu Fashion

by Ana Lopez

Colsecre CI SAS

It is definitely a great pleasure to have in our hands a beautiful piece, made with an impeccable technique, but which also makes us feel exclusive and different, since we know that we have a unique product. This sensation is what produces a "ONE OF A KIND" Wayuu Backpack.

The Wayuu Indians who inhabit the Guajira desert of Colombia, possess the gift of creativity and a color management that would envy a painter. They weave from girls and never stop knitting until their death.

The first time I saw a Wayuu woman with her long embroidered dresses of colors, a Wayuu Backpack of a design price and sandals with huge pompoms walked through the Guajira desert, I thought it was the most beautiful image I had seen in my lifetime.

Coal mining began in Guajira and intruders invaded a Wayuu territory. At that time, we could not communicate with the Wayuu in Spanish and it was difficult to establish a trade of their products.
My husband fell in love with Wayuu art and began a difficult task of bringing the Backpacks to the rest of the world. He was very proud to show the beauty of Colombian products, despite being born in the United States of America.

 Over time, Vogue Magazine discovered the Wayuu backpack and thanks to this magazine the backpack became famous. It reminded me of the first time I saw a Wayuu woman in the middle of the desert sand and the 40 degree sun and the beauty I admired in her taste for fashion.
Wayuu women learned Spanish, became merchants of their products, understood that they had to create new styles to keep surviving in the world of fashion and also learned to use technology and communicate with the world.

I can only say that each Wayuu backpack is a piece of art, it is the thought of an indigenous woman who has done it with much work and love to achieve an exclusive bag.

by Ana Lopez

Colsecre CI SAS

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Season Colors:

Spring and Summer colors

Fall and Winter colors

Unicolor Wayuu Bags

Unicolor Wayuu Bags Oosnuchi Strap

Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous

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Small Wayuu Mochilas

10% Off discount at:

Small Wayuu Mochilas.One of a Kind.Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous from Colombia

Wayuu Hats Pompons

Wayuu Hats Pompons, one of a kind. Hanmdade by Wayuu Male Indigenous from Colombia. Many different colors.

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Flowers Wayuu Mochilas Pompons

Beautiful one of a kind Wayuu Bags with flowers designs.. The braids and Pompons match witht he flowers colors.
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Wayuu bag Pompons and double Braids

10% Off Unicolor Wayuu Bags double Braids Pompons

Discount Unicolor Wayuu Bags

10% Discount Unicolor Wayuu Bags 

Handmade by Wayuu Indigenous

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30 seasons colors to chose :

Spring, Summer, Fall adn Winter

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Wayuu Accessoris

Wayuu Accessories

When the humans supplies the basic needs,began the interes in art,aesthetics, beauty and design. It creates the need to be diferent and look great.

The women want to feel exclusive and different  wearing beautiful  clothes and  accessories.

Our company specializes in offer to our clients unique and beautiful handmade products.

Our products make women feel different and exclusive to other women that only used massive clothes from factories.


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Wayuu Keys Chains

Wayuu Key Chains handmade in cotton by Wayuu Indigenous

Wayuu Sandals Pompons

Wayuu Sandals Pompons, handmad eby Wayuu Indigenous from Colombia. They have a smal Osonuchi handmad ein Loom and Pompons that match with these colors.

Wayuu Mini Bags

Wayuu Mochila Bags

Wayuu Art

Wayuu Art 

The Wayuu Indigenous are artist, they use to design beautiful products,and they use perfect colors combinations.

Pale Green Wayuu Bag

 Pale Green Wayuu Bag

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Black Wayuu Mochila Bag Osonuchi Strap

 Unicolor Wayuu Mochila. Black body.  Osonuchi Strap multicolor

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Wayuu weavers

 Wayuu Weavers

The Wayuu women always are woven these beautiful Bags.

They are too creative and chose many colors in their mochilas.



Wayuu Mochila. Unicolor. Osonuchi Strap

Wayuu Mochila. Unicolor

9 ” x 11” aprox     24 x 27 cms aprox

Medium size, One color body Wayuu mochila with Osonuchi strap ,Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter colors.

Minimum order: 1 Mochila 

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Wayuu Mochilas stock


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Wayuu Mochila. Unicolor

Wayuu Mochila. Unicolor. Douible Braid Strap and Pompons

9 ” x 11” aprox24 x 27 cms aprox

Medium size, One color body.  Wayuu mochila with Osonuchi strap . Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter colors.

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