Wayuu Mochila: a Master piece

Wayuu  Mochila

" We only sell PIECES OF ART:  The Original Wayuu   Mochilas"

We certify that these Wayuu Mochilas are Original, unique and " ONE OF A KIND" These unique shoulderbags aren´t cheap. They are for Shops and Boutiques that want to sell exclusives articles to their clients.

We work with fifteen Wayuu Communities in the Guajira from Colombia. These indians,  hand woven these gorgous bags with an unique weaving, for inside and outside, like a dense material.


The Wayuu Mochila Susu or medium called the Indigenous 

  Wayuu carry it wherever they go. 

It kept personal items, work items, money or tissue being done in the case of women. This is between 20 and 30 cm wide and 35 cm high. 

They are made of fine cotton and yarn in bright colors and trolling ecru, with all kinds of geometric designs. Sometimes have a small nipple tassels sewn to its base.

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